Your Welding Problems

Let's take a look at some of the common problems facing fabricators today and how a robotic welding unit can solve those problems.

Finding and Keeping Trained Welders

Do you find that it is hard to keep good, skilled welders? Do you feel like you have to train every welder that comes in your shop only to have them leave for a few cents more an hour?

Robots don't go anywhere. Once the initial investment is made you don't have to look anymore. The robot won't go down the street for .50 cents more an hour, it will be there till, well, whenever.

We can weld steel, but...

Are you good at welding mild steel but struggle with aluminum? Are you just not satisfied with the quality of weld you are getting?

Robots are not limited to a certain type of material. Once programmed they can weld aluminum just as good as they can weld steel.

Weld Consistency

Are you losing too much money to waste? Is perfectly good material being thrown to the side because of bad welds, cracking, or other problems?

A robots welds look the same, first part to last. It doesn't matter if it's 2pm on a Tuesday or 5pm on a Friday a robotic welding unit will consistently weld the same part over and over and over again.

Reliability of Workers

Did your welder not show up again? How are you going to get those parts finished on time?

Robots are always there and always on time. Robots don't take a vacation, they don't get sick, heck, they don't even take bathroom brakes. They are available to work when you want them to work.


After adding up insurance, vacation time, retirement, supplies etc., how much does that welder really cost per hour?

Our robotic welding units can cost as little as $10 an hour. Can you find a quality welder for that?

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