Flow Mach 500 Waterjet

Experience a new level of uptime and productivity with the Mach 500, your total cutting solution. Combining unmatched accuracy with the fastest acceleration in waterjet, the Mach 500 will elevate your cutting production and performance levels.

More parts. More productivity. More accuracy. More reliability

Flow Mach 300

Pump Technology

6,500 BAR [94,000 PSI] Get maximum productivity with continuous operating pressures of 6,000 bar [87,000 psi].

HyPlex® Prime
4,150 BAR [60,000 psi] The highest pressure, most advanced direct drive pump available today, with pressures rated at 4,150 bar [60,000 psi].

4,150 bar [60,000 PSI] The longest lasting, lowest maintenance ultrahigh-pressure pump in the industry with continuous operating pressure at 4,150 bar [60,000 psi].

Intensifier Pump

Advanced Cutting Technology

Dynamic XD®
Accurate 5-axis motion, capable of cutting compound angles with high accuracy. Paired with Compass, Dynamic XD is the fastest, most accurate, cutting head with the greatest amount of flexibility.

Standard Waterjet
Incorporates garnet abrasive to create a high-speed stream capable of cutting virtually any hard material via supersonic erosion.

Dynamic Waterjet®
Incredibly precise cutting that is three times faster and more accurate than a conventional waterjet.

Pure Waterjet
Cut with a hair-thin pure waterjet stream, ideal for soft materials.

Dynamic XD Cutting Head