ZR Series Long Folder

Thalmann Maschinenbau is the premier long folder manufacturer world wide. Thalmann patented the first long folder for the sheet metal forming industry in 1961 and still today, introduces innovative technology to the world market. When you look at a long folder, there are more unique features on a Thalmann, than any folder on the market!

Benefits of the ZR Series Long Folder

  • Torsion Shaft – On both the clamping and folding beams prevents uneven clamping
  • Free Space for Forming – ZR Series has more free space than any long folder on the market
  • Graphical Control – manages type, thickness, backgauge position, bend angle and more

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ZR Series Long Folder

Clamping Beam

ZR series folder is uniquely built with a torsion shaft on the upper clamping beam. Each hydraulic cylinder that is connected to the upper beam is works differently over time on all long folders To combat this, Thal-mann utilizes a 2” solid torsion shaft to insure perfect parallelism of the upper beam, even if the hydraulic cylinders are working differently. The ZR folder has each hydraulic cylinder connected to the torsion shaft, so that there is never any problems with the upper beam clamping unevenly over time. ZR Series only uses a rotary encoder directly on the torsion shaft, so that there is a always an accurate position of the upper beam for open hems.

The ZR series has a kinematic postitive stop on the base of the machine that prevents over clamping of the C-frames. This truly demonstrates Thalmann’s engineering superiority compared to the competition!

Folding Beam

Just like on the upper beam, the folding beam incorporates a 2” torsion shaft full length of the machine. The high tensile torsion shaft locks the hydraulic cylinders to the linkages that are connected to the folding beam. This engineering approach turns the hydraulic action into a mechanical action. A rotary encoder is attached directly to the torsion shaft, which allows for true folding accuracy any position on the folding beam for the life of the machine.


The upper clamping C-frames each have a adjustment for material thicknesses and crowning bow. An explosive area in the sheet metal industry is forming radius cor-nice type work. The ZR series is the only long folder with adjustment for forming radius bump bending. There is no need for the shimming for forming complicated radius parts, like on competitors machines!


ZR series has a fast and accurate backgauge system with a linear guide system. Positioning can go from .19” (4.8mm) to 49.2” (1250mm). The sheet support panels help gauge wavy blanks that operators sometimes have to work with.

Smooth Hydraulics

ZR series uses a high speed hydraulic system with low noise, 62 decibels. Thalmann assembles their hydrau-lics in a “clean room environment” and recommends the oil and filter be replaced every 15 years!

DS3001 Graphical Control

The DS3001 controls 3-axis and manages: type and thickness of materials via library,blank size, backgauge position, bend angle,upper beam open height, angle correction data table and clamping pressures.