Ocean Avenger Beam Drill Line

The Ocean Avenger Completely Eliminates Manual Layout, Drilling, and Punching

The Ocean Avenger not only lays out and drills all your holes in any steel profile in a fraction of the time it takes you to do it manually with a mag drill, but it also lays out the marks for all your welded attachments, virtually eliminating the need for a tape measure.

The Avenger is the most affordable CNC drill line on the market today and ensures that the fabricators is the low cost producer, allowing him to win more work and to make more margin.

Ocean Avenger

Advantages of the Ocean Avenger Beam Drill Line

  • Reduced Footprint The standard beam line is 60ft long by 11ft wide, and takes up no more space than regular mag drilling. It will completely eliminate your layout and mag drill trestles, freeing up vital factory floor space.
  • Space Efficient Unlike conventional beam drill lines that employ in and out conveyors feeding the material through a stationery machine, the Ocean Avenger Beam Drill Line employs a fixed table and a moving drilling platform, effectively reducing the amount of floor space needed, by 50%.
  • Exceptional Accuracy X – Axis The positioning of the drill on theX-axis is accomplished by an extremely accurate rack and pinion measuring system, providing an accuracy of up to 1/32″.
  • Exceptional Accuracy Y – Axis The Y-axis is controlled by an extremely accurate ball screw arrangement that moves the drill into position.
  • Through-the-tool-coolant Drills This system ensures that the tool is always kept cool, even when drilling the thickest Jumbo beams, or when drilling hardened steel.

It doesn’t take much to understand why this machine is the fastest selling beam drill line in the world.

Hydraulic Drill Motor

This is the look of the hydraulic drill motor. The new Avenger features 13Hp hydraulic motor, more than double that of the competition, greatly improving drilling speed and durability.

  • Light Steel Profiles The new Ocean Avenger beam drill line drills 13/16″ dia holes through 3/8″ steel in under 8 seconds, and this INCLUDES Clamping, and X-Y positioning.
  • Heavy Steel Profiles The new Ocean Avenger beam drill line drills 13/16″ dia holes through 2-3/4″ steel in under 25 seconds, and this INCLUDES Clamping, and X-Y positioning.

Ocean Avenger Control Station

Stand alone pedestal mounted Control Station. No more wasted time having to follow your beam drill line as it traverses 60ft down your shop.The pedestal can be mounted where the fabricator chooses, allowing the fabricator to customize his Avenger according to his needs.