Peddinghaus FPB-1800 Plate Processor

The Peddinghaus FPB-1800 plate processing machine offers punching, plasma cutting, scribing and roller measurement in one machine. Designed to be operated by one person the FPB-1800 will maximize your productivity, save shop space and cut costs by saving on scrap.

Benefits of the Peddinghaus FPB-1800 Plate Processor

  • One Operator Does it All – One operator loads, processes, and unloads the system with ease; performing the work of several employees compared to burn table or gripper based systems
  • Save on Scrap – Peddinghaus users report common scrap ratios of 4-6% when compared to a burn table, which commonly exceeds 12-20% scrap per sheet
  • Handle Material More Effectively – with the Peddinghaus patented roller feed material handling technology

Peddinghaus FPB-1800 Plate Processor Specifications

  • Maximum Plate Thickness 1 1/4”
  • Maximum Plate Width 72”
  • Minimum Plate Thickness 1/4”
  • Minimum Plate Width 6”
  • Punch Capacity 177 tons
  • Maximum Punch Hole Size 1 3/4”
Peddinghaus FPB 1800