Axial Forming Machines

Accurate forming with fast tool change. Our type REB axial t form forming machines, with their compression power of up to 1,300 kN are particularly well-suited to effortlessly master complex geometries. With up to 6 forming steps in combination with an additional clamping unit they will satisfy almost all requirements. The operation is simple and intuitive with a touch panel. The sequence control makes each separate movement of the respective forming step user-friendly and fully programmable individually.

We offer the option to equip our systems with electric or hydraulic-numerical drives. These forming processes can be completed stepwise in transfer system to achieve very short cycle times. Simultaneous axis movements ensure fast production processes and an efficient and highly dynamic production.

Machine sizes/tube sizes
REB 420 4–20 mm Ø Compression power 64 kN
REB 632 6–32 mm Ø Compression power 98 kN
REB 645 6–45 mm Ø Compression power 147 kN
REB 660 6–60 mm Ø Compression power 240 kN
Customer-specific: compression force of up to 1,300 kN
Axial forming machines

Equipment options:

  • Servoelectric control of forming axis
  • Up to an additional 6 forming steps
  • Supplementary clamping device
  • Microlubrication system
  • Tool coding
  • Tool recognition
  • Loading and positioning of components