Type UMR Rollforming Machines

Powerful and fast forming. The type UMR tube forming machine uses smart operating technology with many preset settings that can be retrieved automatically to achieve perfect mirror-like surfaces.

When producing flaring with 20°-90° angles, with a clamping length of 1 x D, the machine achieves perfect sealing surfaces. Flaring up to 90° can be produced in a single cycle. Tools can be changed extremely quickly. With the appropriate tools the machine can also close tube ends.

Machine sizes/tube sizes
UMR 628 6–28 mm Ø
UMR 642 6–42 mm Ø
UMR 30115 30–115 mm Ø
UMR 40220 40–220 mm Ø
UMR 60325 60–325 mm Ø
Type UMR rollforming machines

Equipment options:

  • Automatic release
  • Foot-switch
  • Microlubrication system
  • Processing of support rings