Boschert CNC Punching Machines CP-R Series

The three configurations of Boschert’s CP-R series feature 360⁰ ram rotation adding full auto-indexing to every tool, including RevoTool, our multi-tool solution. The seven-way Revotool was especially constructed for this model. In addition to six tools with a diameter of 16 mm each, with a slitting tool of 5 x 30 mm it is possible to punch nearly every contour, allowing complete processing of the sheet without changing tools.

Boschert CP
CP – 1000 CP – 1250
Working Range 40″ x 80″ 50″ x 80″
Space Requirements 14’8″ x 13′ 16’6″ x 13′
Weight (lbs.) 20,250 23,100