Electric Press Brakes

Safan Electric Press Brake Models

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Benefits of Safan Electric Press Brakes

Safan offers the most complete range of electric press brakes in the world. As the inventor of the E-Brake, Safan electric press brakes come in different sizes and configurations with tonnages of 20 to 300 tons and working lengths of 2 to 13 feet.

  • Virtually eliminates the need for a crowning table
  • Shortens cycle times by up to 30%
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Up to 50% more energy efficient that hydraulic press brakes
  • Easy to program and use touch screen controls
  • 100% working range with the backgauge
  • Lower maintenance costs
Safan Press Brakes

About Safan Electric Press Brakes

The Safan electronic press brake provides the model for the E-volution in sheet-metal working. An entirely new concept with servo-electronic drive based on the pulley principle results in an extremely even distribution of pressure.

In 98% of cases, a crowning table is not required for electric press brakes. With much shorter cycle times, up to 50% lower energy use, lower maintenance costs, longer life span, optimum programmability, Touch Screen control and a high degree of environmental friendliness, the Safan E-Brake sets new standards of economy, ergonomics, efficiency and ecology. Wherever the machine has been installed, it has always reduced the cost per unit of product and increased efficiency.