Mazak Laser Cutting Machines

Modern Machinery offers the most advanced 2D and 3D laser cutting machines on the market today. Our Mazak lasers feature high-speed linear drives and the latest in automation which reduces the need for operator dependency. This allows the laser to run unattended, keeping your business productive and profitable.

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FlexJet Cutting Machines

The FlexJet is the world’s fastest moving waterjet with the top speed, maximum acceleration, proven performance, and reliable service. Our unique, actual 5-axis design allows the FlexJet to set itself apart by achieving taperless cutting in challenging to reach areas and giving the flexibility to cut any angle.

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    • FL-Series (Cantilever)
    • F-Series (Cantilever)
    • FLX-Series (Gantry)

Plasma Cutting Machines

Messer offers plasma machines, as well as, oxyfuel and laser cutting equipment. Many productivity enhancing products include programming and nesting software, material handling equipment, cutting tables, and part finishing equipment. 

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