Hardware Insertion Machines

Haeger hardware insertion machines are offered in standard, build-to-order, and custom engineered insertion solutions. Haeger has the ability to provide you with a totally unified solution for virtually any of your insertion challenges. Whether your shop is new to hardware insertion, or inserts millions of fasteners each year, Haeger’s solution oriented approach will ensure that you get the correct system for your needs.

Types of Hardware Insertion Machines

Haeger 824 MSP Hardware Insertion Machine

Hardware Insertion Machine Accessories & Options

  • Positive Stop Cylinder -Ideal for insertion into thin gauge materials and other delicate insertion applications where absolute position repeatability is critical.
  • Crank Assembly with Digital Readout for Positive Stop Cylinder -Enables repeat jobs requiring the Positive Stop Cylinder to be set-up quickly and accurately
  • Tooling Protection System – Prevents damage to parts and tooling during the insertion process by providing a protection window just above the point-of-insertion. Provides added safety for the machine operator; works in addition to the conductive/non-conductive safety system.
  • Batch Counter – Confirms that all holes received fasteners and counts completed parts; ideal for quality control.
  • Manual Tooling Packages – Inch, Metric and Combination manual tooling packages available for common fastener sizes.
  • Work Light – Provides general illumination of work area.
  • Laser Part Locating Light – Provides a highly visable, easy to read, red beam of light over the lower tool to aid the operator in locating holes on larger parts. Increases productivity and decreases operator fatigue.
  • Sheet Metal Joining Tooling – Joining produces an instant button headed joint in ductile metals with a single ram stroke, and is a cleaner, more efficient alternative to spot welding. Both similar and dissimilar materials can be joined.
  • Tuk Rivet Feeding System – An excellent and efficient Alternative to Spot Welding. Rivets are installed in a matter of seconds using a standard Haeger insertion machine with our exclusive riveting tools and feed System. Tuk Rivet Tooling and manual Feeding, plus Automatic Feeding also available through Factory Installation.