Laser Automation

Mazak was the first manufacturer to introduce laser cutting machines into a flexible manufacturing system. Today Mazak offers laser automation that includes, load/unload cells, flexible manufacturing systems, automated parts sorting, and factory automation.

Companies who add automation to their laser processing see a profound increase in their production and throughput. No longer will your laser sit idle waiting for material to be loaded and unloaded, during lunch breaks or off hours. Adding automation will allow you to get the most out of your investment, typically up to a 50 percent increase in capacity when compared to stand alone lasers.

Types of Laser Automation

  • Mazak Load Unload System — One of the easiest ways to automate your laser cutting process. The Mazak Load/Unload system automatically loads, laser cuts, and unloads material in fast, efficient process.
  • Mazak FMS System — If you are looking to reduce your labor cost and increase your laser processing time look no further. The Mazak FMS drives so much direct labor from the cutting and handling processes that fabricators everywhere can compete.
  • Compact Manufacturing Cell Automation — Mazak offers automation for the Optiplex series machines including the compact manufacturing cell which automatically loads and unloads a 10 pallet stocker.
  • Extensible Manufacturing Cell — Adding automation to your shop allows you to produce more without adding manpower, reduce non value added fabricating time and in the end makes you more efficient.