Hydraulic Ironworkers

Modern Machinery offers hydraulic ironworkers from Peddinghaus. If you are looking for ironworkers for your business, take a look at what we have to offer.

Hydraulic Ironworkers from Peddinghaus

Peddinghaus offers a variety of ironworkers for your company. Peddinghaus hydraulic ironworkers feature Peddinghaus’ commitment to quality, plus the industry’s only vertical ironworker “slide guidance system”. Peddinghaus has the perfect hydraulic ironworker to fit any fabrication need or budget, with ironworkers from 55 tons to 110 tons.

All Peddinghaus ironworkers come equipped with angle blades with infeed guide and dual spindle hold down, flat stock shear with rapid adjust hold down, infeed guide and gauging table, quick change punch and die attachment with rapid star wheel adjustment of the stripper height, and a square notcher with gauging table and adjustable stops for quick set up.
Whether you are looking for an economical or heavy duty ironworker, we can help you find the right machine to fit your shop and applications.