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t cut tube cutting machines: A compelling option for clean cutting results

You can be sure that our t cut tube cutting machines are behind efficient processes that are a cut above the rest. These reliable solutions for impressive cutting results make your production more flexible and more efficient. And they are faster too. We guarantee accurate cuts on straight and bent tube geometries. The fact that the t cut range delivers such results whilst being economical on energy and almost maintenance-free, that is what makes our solutions economical.

Whether as a stand-alone machine or as production cell, the t cut machines are above the rest thanks to the easy operation and accurate results!

Your benefits at a glance:

Perfect Cuts with the Greatest Precision

All transfluid machines deliver the highest cut quality and the workpieces can be processed without any further steps.

Method-dependent Saving of Material

Our software ensures that our tube cutting machines operate with almost no scrap generation. That does pay off and increases your return on investment.

Industry 4.0

The smart controls can be connected to the network and secure your long-term investment in the digitalization of your manufacturing. The continuous process monitoring gives you great accuracy and confidence in your production.

Fast Set-up for High Productivity

Our solutions are ready to use and offer processes without interruptions. Simple set-up procedures allow a fast change of tube diameter and a sustainable production. That saves time twice.

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Chipless Orbital Cutting Systems

For the stand-alone machines the main strength is the chipless orbital t cut tube cutting machines. As all-in-one machines, the tubes can be produced with different cutting options, such as cutting through, pull and/or break method and in large quantities.
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  • Chipless and groove-free cuts
  • Cutting length optimization to minimize scrap
  • High processing speed, with up to 2,000 cuts/hour
  • Controlled unloading of cut lengths through multiple positions
Chipless orbital cutting systems

Knife Cutting Method

Our tube cutting machines with the knife cutting method are ideally suited for cutting after bending. The accurate cuts on both straight and bent tubes save material, creating a minimum amount of scrap, which can be easily detected and removed.
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  • Very little loss of material through direct integration in the process
  • Different knife profiles for different materials
  • Cutting of both straight and bent tubes
  • Very high tool durability, use of standard tools
Knife cutting method