t bend

t bend fully automated CNC tube bending machines: satisfy even the toughest requirements.

Multidimensional and automated bending of tubes. Highly efficient CNC bending technology for small and big bending tasks with the greatest precision. Our fully automated solutions mean optimum cycle times and large production volumes. The outstanding flexibility of our advanced CNC tube bending machines gives you economical bending process and meets the most demanding requirements.

Your benefits at a glance:

Multidimensional bending freedom

The t bend range allows bending methods that are flexible in all directions, both for very small and large format tubes up to 325 mm.

Simple handling, dynamic processes

The CNC controls are easy to operate, fully programmable and guarantees the highest precision in the tasks. You can set the dynamics of the process yourself.

Smart connections

With our software it is easy to import digital data from all the most common systems.

Time- and cost-saving

Extremely short set-up times and the overlay of process parameters increase the productivity.


t bend tube

CNC Mandrel Bending Machine with Servoelectric Motors

The solution for the future: highly dynamic and flexible, thanks to the 100% servoelectric technology. The equipment of our mandrel bending machines with fully automated controls can be customized and individually selected and adapted.
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  • Accurate, great performance and fast
  • High tech bending freedom without any limitations
  • Durable, also in multi-shift operations
  • Industry 4.0 / t project
  • Integration with our t motion manufacturing systems
t bend servoelektrische dornbiegemaschine

Servohydraulic CNC Mandrel Bending Machine

Our wide range of t bend machines has the perfect solution for every application. Great results for tube diameters from 6 mm to 330 mm with different models. They can be used for tubes with thin or extremely thick walls and profiles. The fully automated solution for the ideal cost/results ratio.
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  • Fast set-up
  • Stable, flexible and economical
  • Industry 4.0 / t project
  • Perfect bend quality with tight bending radii
  • Powerful, for high-strength materials
transfluid t bend DB 40220 3A CNC uebersicht

Tube Bending Machines for Single Bends

The perfect solution for hydraulic and tube fittings: our special t bend bending machines are ideal for the production of individual bends and short parts, manually or fully automated. The parts can be bent with formed ends and external components.
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  • High performance systems
  • Tailored solutions
  • Extremely short cycle times
  • 100% process monitoring
  • Short clamping lengths
rohrbiege maschine armaturen fittings

Robotic Bending Technology

The robotic bending technology combines maximum efficiency, greatest possible bending freedom and easy handling. Fast, efficient and reliable. Particularly suitable for bending long pipes.
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  • Intuitive operation
  • Eight synchronized, fully electric axes
  • Bending processes on tubes, as well as end processing and adding of components is an option