Material Handling

Big Steel Racks

Big Steel Racks are the newest space saving innovation in sheet metal storage. Do you have pallets of material stacked around your shop that you have to move and sift through to get to what you need? Big Steel Racks are the solution to your problem.

These racks made to ease your material storage and can be made to custom specifications so they fit what you work with.

Benefits of Big Steel Racks

Increased Floor Space

  • Increased Vertical Storage
  • Increased Storage Density
  • More Storage Per Sq Ft
  • Maintain Professional Appearance

Superior Organization

  • Easily & Quickly Locate Materials
  • No More Mixed Piles of Material
  • Numbered Grid System
  • Simplified Inventory Counts

Improved Safety

  • No More Drooping Sheets
  • Sharp Edges & Corners Not Exposed
  • Decreased Tripping Hazards
  • Single-Operator Material Handling

Tube Rack

Do you process tube? Are you looking for an efficient storage solution? Take a look at our tube storage racks.

  • Standard height options 8′-14′ Tall
  • Modular frame with multiple configuration holes so
    the rack can be setup to best suit your needs
  • Available in both single and double sided
  • 5000 lb Load capacity per pallet
  • Each pallet has removable pins that allow you to store
    everything from drops to full 24′ lengths
  • Custom paint schemes available