Press Brakes

We offer hydraulic press brakes from Accurpress, North America’s #1 press brake manufacturer. Accurpress press brakes come in a range of tonnages from 25 to 3000 tons including basic rocker arms up to more accurate hydraulic brakes. Higher tonnages are also available for those who need them. We also provide the latest in graphical programming, the Accurpress Vision control.

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Hydraulic Press Brakes

Accurpress has been building press brakes for over 45 years in North America. These machines are built to meet the demands of manufacturing environments. These press brakes are built for your application. 

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Accurpress Accell U Press Brake

Electric Press Brakes

Modern Machinery offers Safan Electronic Press Brakes . These electric brakes are available in tonnages ranging from 20 to 300 tons. Take a look at the models we offer. 

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Hybrid Press Brakes

Accurpress Accell Hybrid press brakes use a combination of electric and hydraulic drive systems for a quiet and highly efficient press brake.

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Press Brake Tooling

Modern Machinery also offers a complete line of press brake tooling including Wila hydraulic clamping and crowning for easy set up.

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