Sheet Metal Folders

Cidan Machinery offers the world’s most complete line of sheet metal folders. Whether you’re looking for the sheer capacity of Cidan’s top model, the MegaPro, or the utility and flexibility of Cidan’s Profi CTL system, or the efficiency and economy of the portable BA machine, Cidan has a model to fit your needs.

Not what you are looking for? Take a look at our complete line of press brakes.

Advantages of Folders

In today’s manufacturing environment you need to make every operation in your shop as efficient as possible. Cidan sheet metal folders offer many advantages over traditional press brakes take a look;

  • Fast setup, makes your press brake more efficient
  • No marking on polished, painted or sensitive material
  • Larger parts are easily run by a single operator
  • Superior ergonomics, parts are supported by the backgauge
  • Blank inaccuracy is corrected on the 1st bend
  • One set of universal tooling for the life of the machine
  • Programming and operation by non-skilled operators
  • Main part of sheet on the backgague during folding
  • Less risk of collision with the operator during folding
  • It’s a green solution

Pro Z Sheet Metal Folder

CIDAN’S robust PRO Z is a highly rated up-down metal folding machine for industrial applications. This metal folding machine is foremost for folding complex profiles and heavy material. PRO Z eliminates the need for an operator to flip the material providing opportunities for increased time efficiency.


  • Folds upwards and downwards, no need to flip the material.
  • 150 mm movement of folding beam, to move outside of material on folding side.
  • Tooling in two different shapes and three different heights; one shape suitable for folding side operation
  • Comes as standard with Combi upper beam, CNC controlled sheet thickness and folding center adjustment.
  • The folding beam can be used as front gauge up to 150 mm.
  • The PRO Z can be equipped with our Optimal Eccentric Drive OED (patent pending) for maximum clamping power regardless of tool height and sheet thickness.

FX Plus Sheet Metal Folder

CIDAN FX PLUS folding machine is strong, exact and almost impossible to wear out. With welded sides, clamping beam with eccentric drive and extra strong lower beam, this folding machine is optimized for the highest productivity levels, low maintenance costs and problem-free running, year in and year out. The ProLink control system for FX makes programming easy, intuitive and fast. You have exact control, better overview, easier program storage and faster operating. On the panel you control not only the machine’s operations but also sheet thickness settings and adjustment of bending centre. This means you can always achieve perfect radius and an almost unique precision for angles and measurements.


  • Control System ProLink W, with 15″ touch screen and graphical programming
  • Automatic programmable bending center
  • Automatic programmable sheet thickness settings via the control system
  • Combi upper beam with divided straight rail 30°

Forma Z Sheet Metal Folder

CIDAN’s FORMA Z model is foremost the most flexible and diverse machine in the CIDAN lineup. FORMA Z folds both up and down to eliminate the need for an operator to flip the material. This provides excellent opportunities for time-efficient folding of complex parts with one operator.


  • CNC controlled crowning of folding beam
  • CNC brake that folds upward and downward, no need to flip the material.
  • 150mm movement of folding beam, to move outside of material on folding side.
  • The Combi beam comes equipped with 8” (203mm) High Divided Tools and 30º straight rail with option to interchange for 4” (102mm) High Divided Tools!
  • Comes as standard with multifold tooling, CNC controlled sheet thickness and folding center adjustment.
  • The folding beam can be used as front gauge up to 150 mm.
  • Add vacuum grippers to make work lighter, more precise, and automated!

PRO Sheet Metal Folder

The PRO model of CIDAN’s power metal folder is the full package. With 100% duty cycle of forming 9ga at 122?, it is possible to replace two operators with one and still produce parts up to four times faster and with better accuracy compared to a press brake.


  • Dual drive of clamping beam gives incredible speed and accuracy. The turbo drive also increases hemming capacity to 50 tons (55US).
  • Combi beam with high divided tools and straight rail in combination with segmented tools in the lower beam and folding beam can facilitate extremely complicated folding work.
  • Automatic folding beam crowning and automatic sheet thickness adjustment for precise folding.
  • With high speed and extreme accuracy of the back gauge, exact measuring is ensured and with turbo driven folding beam you will get the right folding angle every time.
  • Height adjustable back gauge table available.

Megapro Folding Machine

Megapro sheet metal folder is the very top model regarding capacity – built for the industry – rendering the possibility to fold e.g. 120’’ x 1/4‘’ mild steel sheets


  • Control System ProLink control with touch screen and graphic programming
  • Multifold execution with divided lower beam rail (height 51 mm / 2.05”) and divided folding beam rail
  • Folding beam rails 20 mm (.787”) and 40 mm (1.57”) with quick change tooling
  • Automatic crowning of folding beam rail
  • Frequency/servo driven motors for both clamping and folding beams
  • Automatic adjustment of sheet thickness 0-80 mm (0-3.15″)
  • Motorized adjustment of folding center 0-80 mm (0-3.15″)
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Foot pedal

Forma Sheet Metal Folder

CIDAN’s model FORMA is a diverse machine that embodies strength, flexibility, speed and ease of use. The PROLINK touch screen control offers user friendly programming for all applications. With different backguage configurations and the movable foot switch, the FORMA machine allows one operator to run 11-gauge mild steel parts up to 161 inches in length.


  • Dual motors for the folding beam and upper beam
  • Same opening height regardless of tooling (Combi beam)
  • Generous space around the tools for increased flexibility
  • Make exact bends with a precise folding radius

Cidan FS/FX Sheet Metal Folder

CIDAN FS and FX are phenomenal combinations of raw strength and flexibility. With powerful motors that fold with fantastic precision and to exact measurements this machine can do a lot more than just bend. CIDAN FS/FX is a true workhorse with a whole lot of benefits.


  • Crowning adjustment as standard always gives the perfect folding result
  • Two folding beam rails with width 7/10 mm (0.275″/0.394″) and 20 mm (0.787″) as standard
  • Fast, reliable, and user-friendly
  • Choose between two control systems, EasyLink or ProLink W, both with plenty of features
  • Multiple backgauge stops for both small and large parts across the bending length of the machine

Cidan F Sheet Metal Folder

CIDAN F is fast, user-friendly and reliable. The new construction is robust with welded sides, extra strong lower beam and clamping beam. The generous 150 mm opening height and the generous beam openings allow greater flexibility.


  • Fast, user-friendly and reliable.
  • Adjustable crowning for perfect folding results regardless of length and material thickness.
  • Two folding beam rails as standard, 7/10 mm and 15 mm.
  • 10–14 gauging rails depending on back gauge type and working length.
  • Choose between two different control systems: Easy Link or ProLink W.

ZR Series Long Folder

The ZR Series Long Folder offers unique features including a torsion shaft on both the clamping and folding beams, free space for forming,adjustment for forming radius bump bending and more.