Modern Machinery offers many different types of saws for different sawing applications including; band saws, aluminum miter, double miter and structural band saws.

Types of Saws We Offer

HE&M Saws

Modern Machinery represents HE&M Saw, a global leader in band saw technology and manufacturing. HE&M Saws have been made in America since 1964. We offer a wide range of saws for your application.

Types of HE&M Saws

  • Horizontal Pivot
  • Horizontal Miter
  • Vertical
  • Dual Column
  • Wide Flange
  • Plate Saw
  • Double Miter
  • CNC Carbide Saws
  • Material Handling

Pat Mooney Saws

Modern Machinery represents Pat Mooney band saws and aluminum upcut saws. Pat Mooney saws is headquartered out of Addison, IL where they have a 50,000 square foot facility to support all of their saws in production across North America.

Types of Pat Mooney Band Saws

  • Manual Pull Down
  • Semi Automatic
  • Automatic
  • Structural
  • Grating and Panel
  • Vertical Tilt Frame
  • Horizontal

Types of Pat Mooney Aluminum Upcut Saws

  • Upcut
  • Automatic
  • Framing and Notching
  • Double Head
  • Plate
  • Sawing and Drilling

Peddinghaus Band Saws

Peddinghaus offers larger band saws for structural steel that deliver fast sawing times, accurate cutting and minimal scrap. If you are looking for a robust, reliable saw, look no further than Peddinghaus.