Haeger 618 Plus Hardware Insertion Machine

The Haeger 618 Plus Hardware Insertion Machine is available with an optional Tooling Protection System and Positive Stop Cylinder.The positive stop is designed for use with soft materials such as PC boards, plastics, fiberglass and aluminum—it allows fasteners to be inserted without crushing or deforming the part. The Tooling Protection System helps you save time and money on labor. The TPS ensures you use the correct tooling which protects your tools, and eliminates damage to your parts from incorrectly inserted fasteners.

Benefits of the Haeger 618 Plus Hardware Insertion Machine

  • 6 tons (54kN) ram force and 18 inch (457mm) throat depth
  • Reliabilityand energy efficiency of a fully hydraulic machine
  • Speed increases by 15% over the legacy Haeger 618
  • Equipped with Haeger’s patented Safety System
  • Robust hydraulics with intank hydraulic filter system
  • Variable dwell timer for use with hard materials
  • Adjustable ram retract position

Haeger’spatented Safety System, Variable Dwell Timer and Adjustable RAM Retract Position

Haeger’s patented Safety System is effective at any point in the ram stroke irrespective of the tooling length, requiring no set up by the operator; thus not affecting initial machine set up time. The variable dwell timer is available for inserting fasteners into stainless steel.

MAS (Modular Autofeed System)

The Haeger 618 Plus Hardware Insertion Machine can be equipped with an optional MAS (Modular AutoFeed System) unit. Autofeeding is three times quicker than manual insertion and empowers you to: Automaticallyorientate, singulate, and feed nuts, studs, and standoffs without having to change the autofeed bowl, experience fast and easy tooling change-over, changeover from nuts to studs or standoffs in less than three minutes, and feed up to 2,000 fasteners per hour. The machine shown here includes optional MAS-9 and Tooling Protection System.