3D Laser Cutting Machines

Mazak offers several 3D laser cutting machines for the processing of tube and pipe. The all-in-one SG-U44 offers 6 axis capabilities, while the SpaceGear offers 6 axis capabilities, larger bed sizes and a powerful 4000 watt resonator. Both the SpaceGear and the SGU-44 can laser cut in 2D and 3D mode, making them a versatile machine tool for your shop. The FabriGear allows you to cut all types of tube, channel, angle iron, etc with minimal labor input. Take a look at the laser cutting machines Mazak has to offer below.

3D Laser Cutting Machine Models

  • NEW – Mazak FG 220 DDL – Direct Diode laser technology for tube and structural applications.
  • Mazak SpaceGear — The Mazak SpaceGear is a versatile laser that can cut in both 2D and 3D mode. The SpaceGear can be equipped with a 4000kw resonator to cut up to 7/8″ mild steel.
  • Mazak SGU-44 — For fabricators who cut 4′ x 4′ sheet metal and some tube and pipe, this is the laser for you. With the SGU-44 you can cut up to 7/8″ mild steel with a 4000kw laser.
  • Mazak Fabrigear (Laser Tube Cutting) — Available in two models, the FabriGear is the ideal laser for fabricators who process tube and pipe. The FabriGear 150 can process up to 6″ round or square pipe Up to 26′ long is standard, while the FabriGear 300 can process up to 10.5″ round pipe or 8″ square pipe and up to 26′ long.
  • The Mazak VCL (Versatile Compact Laser) is an affordable tube laser that uses direct diode technology which delivers higher efficiency and reliability than traditional fiber lasers. The Mazak VCL can process up to 4″ round and 3″ square with lengths up to 24′.