Welding Equipment

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Cutting-Edge Robotics


One source for your welding needs. With a wide range of high-performance products, customized services, and industry-leading support, OTC Daihen is your one-stop-shop for innovative welding and robotics solutions. A global leader with operations spanning nearly every continent, OTC Daihen delivers best-in-class quality and reliability for customers of all sizes, spanning diverse industries.

Power Sources


OTC Daihen provides the highest quality of welding power supplies to support their welding equipment. OTC Daihen goes above and beyond the competition by including features not found anywhere else – all of which benefit you. From their pulse wave form welding to their short arc welding and air plasma cutting, OTC Daihen has all the welding materials you need in order to crush your competition.

  • Air Plasma Cutting
  • WELBEE AC/DC TIG Welding Power Source
  • Compact and Portable AC/DC TIG Welding Power Source


  • 6-Axis Robots
  • 7-Axis Robots
  • Positioners
  • Sensors
  • Robot Controllers

Welding Cells


Pre-engineered for plug and play operation.



Hands on Training Classes -OTC DAIHEN provides a full range of training classes to help you use and maintain your products. Classes are held weekly at our Ohio headquarters, or on-site sessions can be scheduled at your facility.

  • Learn through hands-on instruction.
  • All instructors are active service technicians and application engineers who have plentiful experience working with a variety of OTC DAIHEN equipment and are very knowledgeable.
  • Measure twice, weld once. We teach students how to do things the right way, each and every time.
  • Specialized training classes are also available.
  • Ideal learning environment that is free of distractions and allows students to focus.
  • Training Certification – all students must pass a final test to complete the course.

Synchro-feed GMAW Robotic Welding


Synchro-feed GMA welding technology is an exclusive product of OTC DAIHEN enabled by the tightest integration and single-sourcing of networked robotics, weld power source, welding process and wire delivery system that virtually eliminates weld spatter.

  • Are rework and cleanup due to weld spatter an issue for your company?
  • Are the fit-up problems due to weld spatter slowing down your assembly process?
  • Is weld appearance important to the image and value of your product?

Our Synchro-feed welding system can not only save you time and money, but allow you to produce even more product from the added efficiency it ensures.

Synchro-feed welding is a GMA welding system that produces a high quality, high-speed welds with virtually no post-weld clean up required. Via a welding process called PulseDip, it incorporates a servo-driven wire feeder within the torch body that advances the welding wire forward to create an arc and then very precisely retracts the wire while synchronizing with a specialized weld current waveform that extinguishes the arc to create consistent droplet transfer with virtually zero weld spatter. This results in a very neat, precise weld laid down at a rate up to 100 inches (254 cm) per minute using a weld current up to 300 amps.