CNC Punching Machines

Euromac CNC Punching Machines

Modern Machinery offers Euromac CNC punching machines that are tailored to meet the demanding needs of fabricators of all types. Whether you are looking for a stand alone machine or your production demands a higher level of throughput, we offer a system that will fit your punching and forming needs. All of our Euromac machines are robust, precise and reliable. The unique direct drive tool rotation in the Euromac autoIndex stations reduces mechanical components and adds strength, resulting in increased reliability and reduced maintenance.

  • BX Series – Designed for short-run production this mini turret packs a punch with tonnages of 33 and 55 ton and working envelopes of 40″ x 50″ and 50″ x 100″.
  • ZX Flex Hybrid Series – The ZX Flex Hybrid punching machine is designed for the short-run and proto-type manufacturer that has the need for high speed punching as well as specialty forming. With all tool rotation this machine can handle just about any job in the shop.
  • MBX Series – A full blown turret system with out the price and space required for one. This machine has a capacity of 60 stations, with 30 auto index. Available in 33 and 55 ton capacities.
  • MTX Flex 6 & 12 – This hybrid style punching machine has a 50″ or 60″ throat and a standard table of up to 100″ with a low cost of operation.
  • STX Flex 6 & 12 – A hybrid punching machine that offers speed and acceleration combined with outstanding precision the STX meets the high demand for high-performance.
MTX Flex

Boschert CNC Punching Machines

  • CP Series CNC Punching Machine with no rotation offers a working range of 30″x80″ up to 60″x80″ and a maximum sheet thickness of 1/2″.
  • CP-R Rotation Series CNC Punching Machine with Automatic Tool Change offers a working range of 40″x80″ up to 50″x80″ and a maximum sheet thickness of 1/2″.
  • MP Series CNC Punching Machine with Automatic Tool Changer that changes tools in under 5 seconds. The MP series offers a working range of 50″x100″ up to 60″x120″ and a maximum sheet thickness of 1/2″.