Davi Three Roll MAV Plate Roll

For plate thickness from 80-100mm (3-4 inches) and above, it’s the best solution for very heavy duty applications in materials with medium to high yields and ultimate tensile strength. It’s been designed with many advancements and exclusive benefits.

What is Variable Geometry?

The “variable” geometry of the MAV allows the operator to move each side roll in and out independently to optimize the best “leverage” for any application. Unlike other “fixed” side roll three roll machines, the side roll can be positioned to minimize the flat end, thus allowing the MAV to have the shortest flat end possible.

Benefits of Davi MAV Plate Rolls

  • Press Roll Design – As in a press brake, the MAV’s top roll moves in an up and down direction while the two side rolls move in and out, changing the bed width, like the bed of a brake.
  • Built in Power Rolls – The MAV is the only plate roll of this kind with three independently powered rolls, mounted directly to each roll shaft to offer the market’s most powerful torque transmission available.
  • Exclusive Top Roll Tilting – In cone rolling applications, the Davi MAV uses an exclusive self-aligning and tilting top roll housing (vs. the rigid housing of machines on other brands), which tilts the top roll up more than 100mm (4 inches) allowing larger angles on heavy cones quickly and accurately.
  • Three Hydraulic Motors – The Davi MAV uses three independent hydraulic motors and three gearboxes splined directly to each powered roll nearly eliminating the possibility of the plate slipping and ensuring excellent plate movement through the rolls.