Euromac STX Flex 6 & 12 Punching Machines

Speed, stability and precision The Y axis is driven by two motors for higher speed and acceleration combined with outstanding machining precision.

+30% volume
+30% speed
+50% acceleration

Euromac’s STX Flex punching machine meets the demand for a high- performance, high-output machine able to optimize operating costs. Thanks to the more stable “Y” axis, machining and handling speeds can be increased even on large, heavy sheet sizes. The STX series is available with options: X axis up to 2500 mm, loading and unloading, vacuum, side chute door with part sensor, combined brush and ball tables and automatic hydraulic third clamp.

Euromac MTX Flex

FLEX Hybrid System
Which is better, Electric or Hydraulic? Why not get the best of both? Our unique hybrid system, which we call FLEX, is patented and combines the power of hydraulics with the precision and speed of electronic control. And it combines this with energy saving: rated at just 8.5 kW, it achieves average consumption of a mere 4.5 kW/hour when punching. Apart from setting the stroke of every punch, with the FLEX system you can also control:

  • Hit rate from 10 to 2000 Hits/min
  • Acceleration/Deceleration of ram movement
  • Dwell time

Thanks to the Flex System every Euromac owner now has full control of forming operations, with absolute, constant precision, as well as the capability to handle any application with speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Add loading and unloading for even more productivity. Click here to see the loading/unloading system.

stx flex 1250/30-2500 stx flex 1500/22-2500
Max. punching force (kN) 300 220
Y axis with Multitool/ Monopunch(mm)
Y = 1250 1300 / 1250
Y = 1500 1550/1500
X axis (mm) 2500 2500
Automatic repositioning in X (mm) up to 10000 up to 10000
Numerically control stroke depth (mm) from 0.1 to 31 from 0.1 to 31
Hydraulic servomotor controlled system standard standard
Position accuracy (mm) +/-0.05 +/-0.05
Precision in forming repeatability (mm) +/-0.1 +/-0.1
Bidirectional Autoindex stations 3 3
Opening of clamps (mm) 11 11
Automatic positioning clamps 2 2
Max. hit rate (1/min): Punching with 20 mm pitch 460 460
Nibbling with 1 mm pitch 1080 1080
Marking 2000 2000
Thickness range (mm) 0.6 - 6 .5 0.6 - 6.5
Max weight at reduced axis spped (kg) 180* 180*
USB port 6 6
Installed power (kW) 8.5 8.5
Average consumption (kW/h) 4.5 4.5
Approx. weight (kg)
X = 2500 9500 9800
Overall dimensions (mm)
X = 2500 4850×3630 4850×3880