CNC Mandrel Bending Machine with Servoelectric Motors

For better efficiency. The electric axes can be programmed in synchronicity to give optimum cycle times.Tools for bending on multiple levels with automated tool change makes it possible to achieve various radii and the most extreme geometries on tubes.

With our clockwise/counterclockwise bending machines – also available with push bending function – the most complex bends become reality with great accuracy.

Machine sizes/tube sizes single head bending machines

DB 415-CNC
DB 622-CNC
DB 630-CNC
DB 642-CNC
DB 650-CNC
DB 2060-CNC
DB 2080-CNC
DB 20100-CNC
DB 40127-CNC
DB 40150-CNC

4–15 mm Ø
6–22 mm Ø
6–30 mm Ø
6-42 mm Ø
6-50 mm Ø
6–60 mm Ø
6–80 mm Ø
20–101.6 mm Ø
20–127.3 mm Ø
20-150mm Ø

t bend servoelektrische dornbiegemaschine
Machine sizes/tube sizes clockwise/counterclockwise bending machine

DB 622-CNC-R/L
DB 630-CNC-R/L
DB 642-CNC-R/L
DB 2060-CNC-R/L

6-22 mm Ø
6-30 mm Ø
6-42 mm Ø
6-60 mm Ø

Equipment options:

  • Clockwise/counterclockwise bending machines
  • Multilevel bending
  • Push bending of large bending radii
  • Cutting during bending process
  • Centerline booster method
  • Automated loading
  • Positioning of welding seam