Servohydraulic CNC Mandrel Bending Machine

Stable, flexible and economical. This series will win you over with its special stability and performance. Individual pieces and small series can be produced in an extremely economical manner with this machine concept. The use of high-value components ensure the machine’s durability.

Machine sizes/tube sizes

DB 642-3A-CNC
DB 2060-3A-CNC
DB 2090-3A-CNC
DB 40120-3A-CNC
DB 40139-3A-CNC
DB 40168-3A-CNC
DB 40220-3A-CNC
DB 60273-3A-CNC
DB 80330-3A-CNC

6-42 mm Ø
6-60 mm Ø
6-88.9 mm Ø
20-120 mm Ø
40-140 mm Ø
40-170 mm Ø
40-220 mm Ø
60-273 mm Ø
80-325 mm Ø

Servohydraulic CNC mandrel bending machine

Equipment options:

  • Usable length extension
  • Flange forming
  • Tool adaptation
  • Fast tool change systems