Mazak FG-220 DDL 3D Laser

Mazak’s exclusive direct diode technology is a breakthrough laser platform that delivers higher performance and reliability over traditional fiber or other solid state laser generation systems. The DDL laser allows for a reduce head effected zone with improve surface quality and faster cutting speeds.

The FG-220 DDL cuts a large range of tube and pipe whether round, square, rectangular and triangular. In addition, the FG-220 DDL can completely process I and H beams, angle iron and additional user defined shapes. The FG-220 DDL features both high precision and great 3D flexibility.

The precision 3D cutting capabilities reduces the time for secondary processes such as bending, welding, assembly, etc. The 6-axis laser with automated load/unload functions that handle mill-length pipe and structural materials. The FG-220 DDL can also cut any desired angle for weld prep, plus achieve the highest accuracy for easy fit-up of assemblies.

Mazak FG 220 3D Laser

Benefits of the Mazak FG 220 DDL

  • Rugged construction with four chuck system
  • 3D laser-cutting precision reducing secondary processes
  • Proprietary 3D DDL cutting head maximizes flexibility and expands range of applications