Mazak FMS Laser Automation System

If you are looking to reduce your labor cost and increase your laser processing time look no further. The Mazak FMS drives so much direct labor from the cutting and handling processes that fabricators everywhere can compete

Benefits of the Mazak FMS System

  • Transports, positions, cuts, and stacks the finished material – Automatically
  • Runs unattended
  • Go from one nest to another, select materials and thickness, without new setups

Mazak FMS Specifications

Stores and retrieves: Up to 3.3 tons / shelf
Number of shelves: 10, 20, 40 for a 5′ x 10′; 10,20 for a 6′ x 12′
Serves: Up to four lasers
Unloads: 3 unload options
Special features: PC line controller for ease of use, flexibility, & minimum manpower

Mazak FMS

Laser Automation – The Mazak FMS

The Mazak laser Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is world-renowned for helping fabricators achieve competitiveness. The largest variable in manufacturing costs around the globe is related to labor. With the Mazak FMS laser cutting system, direct labor is reduced during the cutting and handling process so fabricators everywhere can compete.

The FMS consists of a high-capacity material storage tower to store and retrieve up to ten different sheet specifications, a pneumatic load system to accurately position the sheet, and several versions of automatic unload depending on your applications. Once the raw material is loaded in the tower, the complete operation to finished part requires no labor. Its high capacity allows for complete shifts or weekends of operator unattended production.

A Mazak FMS Automatically;

  • Locates material for the next job
  • Directs material retrieval while lasers continue cutting
  • Selects the appropriate laser and downloads nested cutting programs for storage in the CNC control
  • Schedules and sequences up to four lasers for optimal utilization.
  • Alerts factory personnel to problems
  • Provides comprehensive production reports

The flexibility to go from one nest to another, and select materials and thickness, without new setups, distinguishes the Mazak Laser FMS.