Mazak Optiplex Direct Diode Laser

This is a Game Changer

The Mazak Direct Diode Laser (DDL) delivers higher performance and reliability that traditional fiber or other solid state laser generation systems. It has faster cutting speeds than fiber generators and has greater wall plug efficiency of 45 percent as compared to 35 percent of fiber.

The Mazak direct diode laser is equipped with flying optics, a two pallet changer design and a helical rack and pinion positioning system that features high cutting speeds, maximum throughput and rugged construction.

The Mazak direct diode laser incorporates Intelligent Multi-Control Torch HP-D and Nozzle Changer technology to directly increase the productivity of the end user by allowing the machine to optimize the torch setup automatically per program. This optimization can dramatically improve cut speeds, increase throughput and require less operator intervention, delivering more predictable processing day after day.

Available in 4kw and 6kw

Mazak DDL Laser 6k

Advantages of the Mazak Direct Diode Laser

  • OPTIPLEX DDL delivers faster cutting speeds than fiber generators of the same power
  • Wall-plug efficiencies of 45 percent as compared to 35 percent for fiber
  • New PreviewG control and drive package

Intelligent Setup and Monitoring
Mazak’s Intelligent Technology is a standard feature that includes the following intelligent functions that reduce operator dependency, improves cut quality and increases productivity.

  • Automatic Nozzle Changing
  • Auto Focus Position
  • Focus Detection
  • Auto Profiler Calibration
  • Auto Nozzle Cleaning
  • Beam Diameter Control
  • Pierce Detection
  • Plasma Detection
  • Burn Detection