Peddinghaus Anglemasters

Peddinghaus Anglemaster AFPS-643/663

The Peddinghaus Anglemaster AFPS-643/663 combine the technologies of hydraulic punching and shearing with automated carbide part marking into one efficient unit for automated processing of angle iron and flat stock.


  • Process angle and flat stock up to 150 x 15 mm or 6 x 5/8 inch
  • Process unlimited stock lengths
  • Automatically punch up to four hole diameters
  • Carbide part marking
Peddinghaus Anglemaster

The Peddinghaus Anglemaster HD

Precision, accuracy, intelligence, and strength are evident within the Peddinghaus Anglemaster HD. Labeled as Peddinghaus’ most powerful Anglemaster to date, the Peddinghaus Anglemaster HD is pushing angle processing to new heights. Utilizing Smart Cylinder technology and comprehensive material dimensioning the Anglemaster-HD is the only Anglemaster of its kind.

Benefits of the Anglemaster HD

  • Processes Everything from Base Plates to Clip Angles
  • Comprehensive Material Dimensioning for Faster Production
  • Smarter Anglemaster Smart Cylinder Technology
Peddinghaus HD