Peddinghaus Ironworkers

Peddinghaus hydraulic ironworkers offer many different sizes and configurations to ensure the right Ironworker for your company. A Peddinghaus Ironworker gives you the best of both worlds. Every Peddinghaus ironworker features Peddinghaus commitment to quality, plus the industry’s only vertical ironworker “slide guidance system” on all Peddinghaus Ironworkers.

Peddinghaus ironworkers generated force is equally distributed throughout the slide and body plate frame design, not through the hydraulic cylinder. This design eliminates shock and stress on the ironworker hydraulic system.

Peddimax 144 Ton Ironworker

The PeddiMax hydraulic ironworker comes equipped with dual 140 ton hydraulic cylinders and a 15 HP motor. This ironworker is able to punch and shear the heaviest miscellaneous pieces. Shear up to 3/4″ (20 mm) flat bar.

  • 2 Slide Ironworker complete with five work stations
  • 110 punch slide
  • Universal die block for standard structural steel punching
  • Flat die bolster and die block can be provided as an option.
Peddinghaus Peddimax

Peddiworker 100 Ton Ironworker

With the 100 ton hydraulic press, the PeddiWorker is easily able to punch and shear heavier steel. Perfect for miscellaneous projects with angle, flat, square or round bar stock.

  • Single slide universal hydraulic ironworker complete with five work stations
  • Flat bar shear, section shear, bar stock shear, punch unit and notching unit
  • Additional notching and bending tools add even more versatility
  • The length stop is perfect for mass production
Peddinghaus Peddiworker

Peddicat 55 Ton Ironworker

With the 55 ton hydraulic press, the PeddiCat is able to punch and shear multiple shapes and sizes. Perfect for miscellaneous projects, shear up to 1/2″ (12 mm) flat bar.

  • 6 Stations including a bending attachement
  • Length stop is perfect for mass production
  • A guarded punch assembly is still easy to access with Peddinghaus’ convenient swing away stripper design
Peddinghaus Peddicat