Accurpress Press Brakes

From 25 to 3000 tons Accurpress press brakes offers a full range of press brakes, combined with their custom application specialists, you can be sure Accurpress and Modern Machinery will have the press brake for your bending needs. Accurpress press brakes are designed and built to high standards of lifetime durability and precision accuracy, backed with a minimum two-year parts warranty. Take a look at our complete line of press brakes.

Four Accurpress Press Brakes to Choose From

Accurpress press brakes come in four different lines to serve your fabrication requirements. Combine our selection of press brake options with the right Accurpress press brake and your productivity will never be higher.

Accurpress Accell E Press Brake

The Accurpress Accell E Press Brake comes with an impressive number of standard features and options available to suit your forming requirements.

accurpress accell e press brake

Accurpress Accell U Press Brake


The Accurpress Accell U press brake builds on the standard features of the Accell E press brake to provide even more flexibility and functionality

This press brake is suited for the precision market looking for Y1/Y2 technology with affordability. The Edge is manufactured in select tonnage ranges and is available with the Accurpress Premium backgauge as well as additional specific options such as integrated crowning and hydraulic bed and ram tool clamping.

Accurpress Advantage Press Brake


The optional Accurpress Advantage press brake package is an economical solution for off-center and stage bending applications.

The Accurpress Advantage press brake delivers +/- 0.0004″ repeat accuracies via a Proportional Valve Hydraulic System. A Dual Ram Feedback system, with encoders mounted at each end of the Accurpress, measures the bending cycle and compensates the ram accordingly when unequal forces are applied across the length.

accurpress advantage press brake

Standard Accurpress Press Brake


Accurpress combines great selection with great pricing for superb value. The standard Accurpress press brake offers repeat accuracies of +/- 0.001″ as well as numerous features and options tailored for sheet metal and fabrication applications.

Modern Machinery also offers a complete line of press brake tooling. Also take a look at our complete line of press brakes.

accurpress press brake